Thursday, 29 May 2014



m pretty sure that the Swiss are one great forward away from being a world beater. I Rate them very highly. They have a proven manager, some very good defenders and a really strong midfield. They just have no good forwards. Im guessing that there may be some people reading this not understanding the treat the Swiss hold but it shouldn’t surprise you. Remember 4 years ago when they beat Spain in the first game of the world cup? And Basel (the best team in Switzerland) have beaten Chelsea last season and knocked Manchester United out at the group stage a few years ago. They are an impressive team and a lot of the Swiss national team either plays for them now or recently left for a stronger country (mainly Germany).

For me the Star player is Xherdan Shaqiri. I expect a big world cup from this guy. The funny thing is he is at Bayern Munich and doesn’t play. He knew Robben and Ribery were there why would he go to Bayern? Mental. But don’t let the fact he isn’t as good as the Wingers at one of the best clubs in the world make you think this lad is not class. He would walk into any team in the Premier league and most of the teams in Spain or Germany (obviously not Bayern). A tricky left footed Winger who is able to beat a man and has a dangerous long shot on him. The first time I watched him was in a game between England and the Swiss when it looked peachy for England a comfortable away win. Then Shaqiri shot from 30 yards and scored and it was game on. England Won but still it was a great goal.

But its not just about him you also have Stocker who has impressed for Basel in the champions league nearly every time ive watched him, Inler of Napoli and Barnetta who never really reached his promise has moments of pure brilliance, Xhaka who I really like, Senderos who has rebuilt his career at Valencia and Djourou who Arsenal fans will also remember, Lichtsteiner who is a star in Turin for Juventus and Benaglio who has been a rock for both Switzerland and Wolfsburg.

There is a lot of buzz about for Ricardo Rodriquez. This guy is meant to be the next big full back and has impressed in Germany this year (also plays for Wolfsburg). 19 caps at just 21 would say that the Swiss knew about him for a while but i don’t think most of Europe know him even with him playing in a big league for a large club in that league and being a international. Him and Xhaka are the ones ill be tuning in to watch Switzerland for Oh and Shaqiri. This side could go far but I think will go out 2nd round or Quarter Finals.

Group E is a strange one. The non European teams don’t look strong. I think its the most Cut and Dry group of them all. If France and Switzerland don’t qualify it would a major Shock. They are just better than Ecuador and Honduras and should win comfortably but football isn’t always that easy i guess. Maybe Ecuador are better than I think. Maybe they turn up pumped up for the World cup. I don’t see it myself. I see the Swiss and the French going through. Either it will be both teams on 7 points or one of 9 and the other on 6. But both with go through. The big thing for the swiss is who goes through Top and who goes through 2nd.

Star Man: Shakiri
One to watch: Rodriquez

Preditction: 2nd round. 

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