Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Preview of some Previews.

So 2 years ago I did a preview of all the teams that entered the 2012 European Championships and quite a few people read it and I think they Enjoyed it.

My Aim is to write a blog on every team in the World Cup 2014. The difficult thing at the moment is the squads haven’t been announced yet so im researching on team i know little about.

I know a lot about the major nations as im sure a lot of people reading this will but i’m learning about the Iran’s, South Korea’s and Costa Rica’s of the World cup.

I love the world cup. Every 4 years we get a festival of football . the first round of games tend to be a bit of a let down as they are full of teams testing the water trying not to lose rather than trying to win. The best teams go for the win of course but a lot we get a disappoint set of games. But this year we have England v Italy, Brazil v Croatia and Spain v Holland in the first round. I expect 3 tight games but Brazil to be the only winners out of these 3. Its the 2nd and 3rd round of fixtures where the teams really start to play and then we hit knock out rounds. This is where the best football is played. 22 men take the field and 11 walk off the field happy and the other 11 are gutted their world cup dreams are over.

I expect the winners to come from a small group of teams. For my money the winner will be one of Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Germany. But you have to think that Holland, England, Italy, France, Belgium and Portugal will go to the world cup thinking they could win it. Columbia and Uruguay will fancy their chances as its south America world cup but not for me. Winning is a frame of mind and the first big team they face in knockout I would expect them to lose. The likes of Japan, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Australia, USA, Mexico and Croatia will be trying their best don’t get me wrong but many wont make it out of the group and the ones that do wont last long in knockout.

And then you have the teams who are just happy to be there Ecuador, Costa Rica,  Bosnia, Iran and Honduras.

I know what your thinking he has forgotten Chile, Portugal, Russia,  Greece and Switzerland (i may have missed more and if i have im sorry). I don’t know what to expect from these teams. Chile especially. They have a unique way of playing that was far to good for England Recently and nearly beat Germany as well. they will be a force but they could at the same time completely crumble and do nothing I just don’t know. Portugal have the BEST player in the world. If they take a lead in a game you would imagine that they would be able to counter attack and get a few more but they were not great in qualifying and they don’t have a great defence. Russia i never know what to expect. At the Euro 2 year ago they started off amazingly and then blew it and lost to Greece and went out in the group. They took it for granted. Switzerland beat Spain 4 years ago and got to 3rd in the world at one point but the times ive seen them against decent teams they seem to play badly and get quite easily beaten. Greece should be in the happy to be there group but they won Euro 2004 and they were guff then, so who knows with them. I don’t see any of these teams winning it but a surprise semi final out of one of these teams is possible.

Tomorrow Top Scorer. 

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