Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Mexico may well be a Dark Horse you know. A lot of this team won the youth world cup a while ago. A lot of this squad won the Olympics in London in 2012. They don’t have many stars the biggest name is Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) the little pea of Manchester United. They also have a couple of others you may have heard of such as Rafael Marquez formally of Barcelona (now 35 years old) and Carlos Salcido formally of West Ham United who is 33 and both of these guys are back playing in Mexico. Dos Santos formally of Spurs who has started to show he is able to live up to the potential he showed in Barcelona. Andres Guardado is a cracking player at 27 he has 100 caps for Mexico he plays in Germany for Bayer Leverkusen and has played for Deportivo in Spain. He can play Left Back, Left Full back or Left Winger and is comfortable in all of these.

Im really excited about this team. I didnt know a lot about them before the squad was announced but since doing my research on them I now cannot wait to see them. They have a few players I really want to watch. The first is Hector Herrera he is a 24 year old centre midfield player who plays box to box. His club team is Porto in Portugal and he was part of the team that won a gold medal in London. Ive heard his name linked to the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and even Real Madrid. This could be a fine player. then there is the lesser known Marco Fabian, He has also won a gold medal at the Olympics in London. He was the top scorer for Mexico and also in the 2012 Toulon tournament he was the top scorer of the whole tournament you may think from what I have just written that Fabian is a forward but he is a midfield player. ive not been able to find out if he is a number 10 or a central midfielder but either way he scores goals. Im surprised he isn’t playing in Europe. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was by the end of the summer. Very impressive stats wise. Has had a bit of a problem in the passed as he was one of the 7 Mexican players banned for 6 months due to post match partying but seems to be a little of an overreaction on the part of Mexico and it seems to have cost them one of their best players. Carlos Vela isn’t in the squad. He was one of the ones suspended and has chosen not to play for Mexico until mentally ready. Meaning no world cup for Vela who has been brilliant since going to Spain from Arsenal.

They have a tough group. Brazil, Croatia and Cameroon. Cameroon first. I think this could play in their favour. Croatia will lose to Brazil unless something really special happens. I expect Mexico to beat Cameroon. A win against Croatia sees them through and who knows from their. Im not saying they will win the world cup but i do think they have a touch of the unknowns about them and they have a group of players who have won for Mexico. That could be vital to a run at the World Cup.

Star player: Javier Hernandez
One to watch: Hector Herrera
Prediction: round of 16 or group stage.... but a few players to move Europe’s big boys.  

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