Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Group B is know as the Group of Death. With Spain, Holland, Australia and Chile in it you can see why. This is a tough group. Spain are the current World cup and European Champions. They are the only European team to win the World Cup outside of Europe. They are (in my opinion) the best international team to have ever played football. This team is no different. Yeah Xavi is getting on a little, Torres and Villa are not what they were all that was true 2 years ago and they still couldn’t be stopped. Normally what I do in these blogs is rave about 1 or 2 players that I am really looking forward to watching but Spain have far to many. A True football fan will know nearly all of the Spain squad. Their 3 choice goalkeeper is David De Gea who was Manchester United’s Player of the season. This is a team that doesn’t really play a striker and they have Torres, Villa, Llorente and Negredo all called up as well as the controversial choice of Diego Costa.

I do9nt actually think Diego Costa is as good as everybody says he is. Atletico are a brilliant team regardless of if he plays for them or not. They are being made out as a bit of a one man team but not for me. they have a lot of players who work really hard and are top class players. Costa is a good player don’t get me wrong but people are putting him in the £50m price bracket. He is not worth that. Hes good maybe £25m-£30m at most but not £50m. Last year because he wasn’t selected by Brazil for the Confederations cup he chose to play for Spain instead. Thats very mature of you Diego. Abandon you country and play for another because you weren’t deemed good enough to play at that point. He would have been a dead cert to play for them this World Cup. If I was a Brazil fan id be happy without him. No doubt he would have helped them but a poison no doubt. Just wouldn’t want him around the squad. Im shocked that with all the options Spain have they are selecting him. I get the feeling that they are just making sure Brazil don’t have him. They are better than stealing players from other countries. I think if you move somewhere for your job (playing football) you shouldn’t be calling that place you country. Fair enough if you were born somewhere else and you moved to be happier or not die and you happen to find out your a world class footballer thats fair but nothing should be better than wearing the colours of your home nation.  Sorry but it annoys me.

Spain are not just about forwards. They have 9 midfield players who would be in every single countries world cup squad if they were from any other nation and some would argue 10 or 11. They pass the ball better than any other team. Defence isn’t that strong but they do have world class players in Pique and Ramos and top top class players like Azpilcueta, Alba and Martinez. Im a big fan of Spain. I do think they will be in the Final and they could well be the first Back to Back World Cup winners.

The group is good as I said at the top. Spain should top this group though. Chile and Holland will fight it out for the runner up spot of group B in my eyes. I don’t think Spain will win all of their games but they may well win 2 and draw the other (maybe Holland). They start with Holland and I think both teams will not want to lose. I just think in this situation the games are a little boring because they both know that a draw is a good result..  I actually feel bad for Australia because they are in for 3 beatings. Chile and Holland are both brilliant teams and its a shame they are in the same group. I want to see 3 of the teams in this group more than 3 times but it adds some spice to the group stage. Holland v Chile is one of the games im looking forward to the most.

Star man: Hard to say who the star man is but I love watching Iniesta
One to watch: Koke is class but may not get much game time.
Prediction: what Spain do best. Winner.   

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