Monday, 19 May 2014

Costa Rica

Im not going to pretend I know a lot about Costa Rica. Ill know a lot more by the time that Uruguay have played them in the World Cup but I know little of them know. Ive only seen 3 of them play football before, Kaylor Navas (Goalkeeper for Levante), Bryan Ruiz (number 10 who is now at PSV used to play for Fulham) and Joel Campbell (Olympiacos winger on loan from Arsenal).  I have heard of Celso Borges but i think this is just through playing computer games like Football manager. Ive looked at him a little and his goal scoring record from midfield is very good (although all in Sweden).

Navas shouldn’t be under estimated. I remember seeing the Barcelona v Levante game this season and Navas was very very good. He is the kind of keeper who will make a wonder-save and then lose concentration for a second and cost his team. I don’t think he will be given the chance to lose concentration at the world cup as they should be on defence most of all 3 games they will play.

Joel Campbell is going to be vital for them. His speed and skill will be very useful for counter attacking. He showed in the Olympiacos v Manchester United game that he can take on and beat a player and he has a good shot on him as well.  Campbell is an odd one. Id heard of him before Arsenal signed him but I cannot remember why. He must have played in a game I watched a few years ago but I just don’t remember it. Good player though. I expect that he will be their best player.

Bryan Ruiz is a tricky player who is a classic number 10. Didnt work for Fulham but seems to have impressed since going back to Holland where he made his name. I actually rate Ruiz I just don’t think he will be useful to a team like Costa Rica. They don’t need a player who is going to put in a clever pass behind the defence. They need really quick players who will be good on the counter attack. but more important than that they need Defenders who are organised and disciplined. I know nothing about any of the defenders but they got to the World Cup, How bad can they be?

Any group would be tough for Costa Rica. 3 games, 3 defeats. The impact they will make on the tournament is one team is going to go out because they didnt score enough goals against Costa Rica. I can see them playing on the back foot and trying to counter on the break though Joel Campbell and that is there best chance of getting something. I wont rule out a draw in one of the games but personally I don’t think they will.

Star Man: Bryan Ruiz
One to Watch: Joel Campbell
Prediction: 3 Defeats and home. Id actually be surprised if they scored. 

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