Tuesday, 13 May 2014


So the World Cup is in Brazil and Brazil are one of the favorites to win it. that's all well and good but let me ask you

If The World Cup was in Europe would Brazil be a favorite. The answer for me is no. I cannot remember when a worse Brazil team has been around. In 2006 they were not seen as a good team and they weren't great but they had Kaka who at the time could win a game on his own. In 2012 they were pretty bad but they still had Kaka and they had the likes of Hulk who were showing promise.

This year Neymar is the star, He has Hulk, Oscar and Fred around him and the likes of Thiago Silva and Dani Alves at the back they are no where near a terrible team and they will do well in the tournament I think but i cant help but feel a little underwhelmed. They don’t have a Ronaldo or a Rivaldo and Romario or a Ronaldinho what I mean by this is a top 3 in the world. Neymar is seen as The Star but I question this. I don’t think he has played well at Barcelona and I think the fact that he will be under so much pressure. Im not sure he will make it  a world cup to remember.

a lot of pressure also on Fred. Jo is the only replacement they have for the centre forward. Jo yes that Jo the one that didnt score goals for City or Everton. This tells you that they don’t have much depth at striker. They don’t look like a great squad. I don’t expect to see a classic Brazil squad i don’t think we will talk about this team the way we speak about the 2002 or 1994 squads.

At defense i think they are quite good. they are clearly thinking this is their World Cup as the likes of Marquinhos being left out. David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Dante and Dani Alves are all house hold names if your a football fan. With Julio Cesar in goal they have a class keeper as well but the fact he has basically being playing against semi professionals in the MLS for the last 3 months wont help him i don’t think.

The ones to watch may not be the big names for Brazil the ones to watch are ones like Bernard. Bernard plays in the Ukraine for Shakhtar Donetsk and is a star there. He has taken over from Willian (who may also shine in Brazil) and done a very good job. Ramires, Fernandinho and Paulinho are vital they stop the play so that the forwards and attacking midfielders are able to play with freedom that may also be key to success.

Stat player: Neymar
One to watch: Bernard

Prediction: Quarter Finals 

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