Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I fear for the Aussies. I don’t see quality in this team. The days of Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Mark Schwarzer and Tim Cahill are pretty much over. Tim Cahill is the only survivor of a good time for the Roo’s. They announced the 30 man squad and I recognised about 5 players on the list. I know a fair amount about football. I don’t claim to know it all but the A-League is a league I know very little about. Pedj Bojic played for Northampton, Liam Miller played for Man Utd, we all know Heskey and Del Piero from the fine careers they had and thats about it for my knowledge of the A League. Pedj Bojic is the only one able to play for the Australian national side and he wasn’t called up.

The did keep Tim Cahill, Tim Bresciano and Luke Wilkshire were all in the squad in South Aftica 4 years ago. I actually think all 3 were in the 2006 World cup as well. they have Mile Jedinak who had a brilliant season at Crystal Palace. I know the name James Troisi and Ryan McGowan from computer games but have never seen them play and ive heard of Joshua Kennedy but I don’t know why.

Thats about it. thats all the players I knew of before doing any research and the thing is even after my research im not impressed. It seems that they are picking their team based on being able to play in the world cup in Russia in 4 years time. I have no problem with that. I like the fact they are doing this. Building a team is important. I just don’t think the players are good enough. a few years ago Australia had some really good players in some really good squads in Europe, Now the don’t. The biggest club anybody plays for is Dortmund and Langerak who I haven’t really heard of but has played 10 times for Dortmund in 3 years.  Nothing wrong with being the back up for a side like Dortmund but lets face it Weidenfeller (Dortmund’s number 1) isn’t that good so im not expecting anything. The next biggest club is Crystal Palace.  

Dont expect anything from this team. They wont win. I don’t think they will draw. They are going to be beaten and beaten well. I just don’t see them scoring. This would have been a hard group for an Australian All star team made up of the best players in Australian history. Chile should beat them, Spain will beat them and Holland will beat them.

Star Man: Tim Cahill
One to Watch: Jedinak
Prediction: in for a beating- group stage. Id be impressed if they scored. 

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