Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Hands up who knows about Honduras??? No.... over there........ no ............fair enough. i don’t know that much about them and I don’t expect them to do very well. The only players I really know are Wilson Palacios (Stoke City player who played for Spurs and Wigan), Maynor Figueroa (Hull and former Wigan), Roger Espinoza and Jaun Carlos Garcia (both current Wigan).

The rest of them playing in the USA, Honduras, China or Costa Rica with the exception of 21 year old Andy Najar who plays for Anderlecht in Belgium. I don’t know much about him but at 21 he has 15 caps and a goal he is playing for a club who signs young players with talent and develop them. The team is experienced and they have played together a lot.

They went to the world cup 4 years ago and a lot of the players are in the squad again. They likes of Palacios is a good player and so is Figueroa but i know very little about anybody else. Carlo Costly is has very good stats for international team. He has 30 goals in 68 games for Honduras and the 31 year old has a little experience of football in England. Birmingham City fans may remember him from a brief spell at St Andrews 8 games 0 goals back in 2009. His Club form has never been good some would say that he has been quite “costly”..................... ill get my coat.

Honduras is in a group with France, Ecuador and Switzerland. I see them getting a might 0 goals and 0 points. I don’t expect much. Ecuador are their best chance but I think they are to strong for Honduras.

They fit in the “Happy to be there” section of the world cup. It seems that North America seems to do this a lot. They send 2 decent teams in USA and Mexico but 2 poor teams that wont be up to much. Honduras fit in the latter part . best of luck to them. They will need it.

Prediction: bottom of Group E

Player to Watch: Maynor Figueroa

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