Friday, 30 May 2014


I didnt think I knew a single thing about the Iranian football team. So i thought ill do some research............most of the players either play for really small teams or they play in IRAN (for small teams). This blog is going to be short and sweet.

I know 4 players and 1 of them well. ill start with the ones ive seen a little of. Javad Nekounam the Iran captain. He is a central Midfield player. has a wicked shot, Decent passer of the ball. He played in Spain for a while I cant remember what team but I  want to say Osasuna. He has a lot of caps to his name and at 34 he seems to old but Stevie Gerrard is 34 and he is playing really well. Giggs just retired at 41 so I guess as long as he is fit he should be ok. Then we have Andranik Teymourian who had a spell in England with Bolton. I remember being impress by him and I wandered (i know thats spelt wrong but i linked it to Bolton Wanderers...........see what I did? no oh you see they are called Wanderers and i put the word Wonder but i spelt it with.......forget it).  obviously nobody agreed that he should get more playing time because he is no 31 and back playing in Iran. From what I remember of him he reminded me of Beneyoun.

The other 2 currently play in England. I don’t think Charlton fans have seen the best of Reza Ghoochannejhad and i doubt many can say his name (if he gets a chant i want to hear it). in his 12 games for Charlton he has 1 goals not that impressive but for Iran he has 9 goals in 12 games. Thats impressive even if you are playing Jordan and Qatar........ oh wait no its not. The fact that Iran mainly play against teams where their main job is not football they don’t do well enough. if you a professional playing against nothing but amateurs all the time you should score a load of goals.

The other player I know is likely to be the star of this team and could actually cause some problems. Ashjkan Dejagah and be the bright light for a poor season for Fulham. If nobody picks this guy up after Fulham’s relegation id be shocked. I think he is class. He is direct Quick and dangerous. Has a German league title with Wolfsburg. I think he is class this may be because he was raised In Germany from the Age of 1 and played for the German national side all the way through youth levels.

The last thing i wanna touch on is something ive not written about yet and thats the manager. As a Manchester United fan I think Carlos Queiroz is a brilliant manager.... well brilliant football man and great assistant. Hasnt really showing the same ability at manager level yet. I don’t think he will do much for Iran in this world cup but if anybody can get their tactics right its him.

The group is Argentina, Nigeria  and Bosnia. The team that finishes 2nd in this group will go out in the 2nd knockout stage im sure. I don’t think they would have got out of any other group. I think it will be Nigeria. Its shocking really that Spain, Holland and Chile are in one group and this is another. Messi should score a bunch in the group stage. This could actually be the most interesting group. Bosnia, Nigeria and Iran are all at the same kind of level. Argentina should go through top with 9 points. But the other 3 may get a win on any given day. Its hard to pick a runner up in this group. In some of the other groups they have to be careful not to lose but these 3 will know the importance of a win.

Star man:  Dejagah
One to watch: Dejagah
Preditction: group stage

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