Thursday, 29 May 2014


Does anybody else say Eduador like the 1997 hit song from SASH! EC-WA-DOR dum dum just me. ok ON WITH THE BLOG!

Ecuador may win a game at this World cup but that’s because they play Honduras. This is not a great team. Id go as far as saying they are one of the poorer teams in the tournament. They do have Antonio Valencia or as I call him “one foot Tony” who I rate but he cannot carry a team. He is supposed to be the fastest player in the world but he doesn’t use it as well as he should. He is Hench but doesn’t use it,  he has a left foot but doesn’t use it. He doest use his Right foot and to good effect. I think he is a brilliant squad player just don’t think he can carry a nation or a team.

The only other player I really know is Felipe Caicedo who used to play for Manchester City before they had any money. He is a big and strong lad and i don’t think they gave him enough time but he didnt look like a World beater.  He will get a goal or 2 against Honduras.

It would be wrong to do a blog about Ecuador without mentioning Christian Benitez who was the star of Ecuadorian football. Benitez is possibly best known for his time in England with Birmingham City but also had a fine career in Mexico before moving to Qatar at the age of 27. He went to a Hospital complaining of a strong pain in the Abdomen and a few hours later Died. You wont see a player wearing 11 for Ecuador as they have retired the number in his honour.

Group E is not a strong group France and Switzerland will qualify and Ecuador should beat Honduras. I don’t see them getting any other joy.

Star Man: Valencia
One to watch: Valencia- One man team

Preditction: 3 points. Group stage elimination 

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