Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Why don’t the Americans get Football. I just don’t understand how its the only truly whole world based tournament and they don’t care about it. it shocks me. the Americans love themselves. They show more national pride than pretty much any other country. This is the only single sport sporting event that they could actually show the world that they make better athletes in the world than any other and they just don’t. The year that they invest in football property they will win the world cup 10-15 years later. The athletes they produce for Basketball and NFL they would change football. Imagine if LeBron James was a footballer. A quick, strong and huge guy, Even as a goalkeeper would be amazing.

This USA squad has been clouded by the Non selection of Landon Donovan. If Klinsmann thinks they are better without him then they should back this but I don’t think it was the right call. i don’t see a  lot of quality in this squad. Im actually a fan of Jozy Altidore dispite the fact that he never scores against anybody I think he has a presence and I think he needs someone to show his how to be a proper target man. But at the moment at 24 he has 70 caps and still looks a raw talent. Time for Jozy to push on. Clint Dempsey still stars in this team even playing back in the USA he is still a very very good player. Tim Howard is the first choice keeper, Americans have always been able to make a good goalkeeper and in Brad Guzan they have a back up that they can call on if need be.

The one to watch may not play but they have selected a young man making waves at Bayern Munich. I have heard a few rumblings that Julian Green would be a German international but he has chosen to be an international for USA. Can play as a forward or a wide player been compared to Gotze. I have never actually seen him play so I cannot say much about him but I hear that he will be a class act.

A little story that makes me giggle. At the last World Cup is South Africa the USA scored a goal against Slovenia and the Ref disallowed the goal. Bars in America went silent. No outrage nothing. They were waiting for the Ref to tell them why he hadn’t given the goal. In American sports they explain everything. Even if its just hand signals they explain why they give a foul. In football we have to work it out.   

Group G is a tough group for the USA. Portugal, Germany and the team everybody was talking about 4 years ago Ghana. USA have the weakest 11 but the 2nd weakest squad ahead of Ghana. I don’t expect anything. I don’t think they will get out of the group and i don’t think they will win a game. Prove me wrong America!!

Star Man: Clint Dempsey
One to Watch: Jozy Alidore
Prediction: Group Stage

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