Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Argentina are a lot of teams pick to win the World Cup. Its close to home. They have one of the best players to have ever played the game as well as many players who are the in the World Class bracket. But they have a weak link. If they win the World Cup this year they will be the team with the worst defence to have ever won the World Cup. American Football has a saying that I love “offense wins you games, Defence Wins you championships” a world class offence can win you a game but can it win when it matters. A world class defence gives your offence a chance to score 1 or 2 and win. This is what champions are made of. Look at the best teams in the world they all have great defenders. Argentina have 1 world class defender (Zabaleta) but the rest of the defenders are average or Poor. Demichelis isn’t and has never been an international standard defender. If he was English he would be Curtis Davies (no caps 1 call up and that was with a new manager) yet at 33 and 38 caps he is in this squad. Actually their best centre back is Mascherano and they play him centre midfield.

Attacking talent they are the best in the world. If you put the forward from with team in the Belgium defence they would be unbeaten for years. Di Maria, Messi, Aguero, Higuain and Levezzi are all top class forward players. And they would have played together hundreds of times even if Higuain only has 36 caps. They are all 26 years old (except Levezzi) so they will know each other better (I would think) than any other team at the world cup.

Please understand that im not saying Argentina will not win the World Cup because they don’t have a good enough Defence but looking back on history the winners have had top class defenders and thats something that Argentina just don’t have. The youngest player in the squad is 24 years old. So this team has been built for this tournament. They need Messi to perform at the big time and so far he hasnt done that but he was 22 last world cup this year he is 26. He is primed to make a big impression this year. In my opinion he is the greatest football to have ever played the game. Pele, Maradona and Zidane are all up there make no mistake but they are known as the best because they have won the World cup. The only thing that people say against Messi is that he hasnt done it at the world cup. I think he will be the Top scorer at this years world cup. With the group they have he could have 5 or 6 before the 2nd round. Last world cup Forlan and Muller shared the top scorer with 5 goals. This is Messi’s year. if he doesn’t win this World cup I actually don’t expect him to win it in Russia in 4 years unless Argentina develop some world class talent in the next few years. The fact that not 1 player is under 23 years old doesn’t look good for them.

Aguero is also one to watch he is for my money the best footballer in the Premier League when fit but his fitness is a problem. If Argentina have him fit for the whole month they have one hell of a player. His fitness is frustrating because he is a World player of the year player if he is fit. He is never fit.

The group is easy for them. Nigeria, Bosnia and Iran. They couldn’t have a easier group if they had rigged it not saying they did rig it themselves but if they did they would have this group. The toughest thing about this group is that they wont know much about Bosnia, the Nigerians either turn up and play well or are tripe and Iran........ok i have nothing good to say about Iran. If Argentina don’t win this group with 9 points (in the words of Brian Clough) they want bloody shooting.

Star Man: Messi
One to watch: Di Maria is in sizzling form
Prediction: Semi Finals (beaten by Spain) or Final (beaten by Brazil) wow i love the World Cup

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